Naughty By Nature, DJ Peter Gunz , MC Losty -13 Nov

A hip hop display of epic proportions rocked the Metro last night. A sea of Nike TNs packed in. MC Losty had some tight rhymes and kicked off the energy with a vitriolic battle.DJ Peter Gunz had a penchant for the old-school and confidently dropped beats with seamless precision, which had the whole venue bouncing. It was an opportunistic moment for some talented local performers, plus it warmed up the excited crowd in classic block party style — booties to the floor and drinks went down with them.

As Naughty By Nature took the stage, the bass transformed the ground into a magic carpet, raising the crowd’s energy and excitement.

Treach was mesmerising, his presence and flow seemingly crucial to keeping the trio around for the best part of 25 years. He came out with a boomerang in hand and over the course of the set referenced Australia’s Indigenous history with the intent of reconciliation and unity; look to your left and right, “Hi relative,” — the message was widely felt.

The trio played some old-school classics between their own back catalogue, with DJ Kay Gee emanating confidence while waxing nostalgia on the decks. A tribute to Tupac then Biggie reinforced that feeling of love and unity, then Jamboree carried on that upbeat ecstasy.

As this four-hour journey’s end drew closer, shots of Hennessy and stories of smoking weed and dubious law enforcement were shared with the audience. A full stage of fans helped Hip Hop Hooray finish an epic night of celebrating hip hop as more than a genre of music, but instead an inclusive movement.NBN


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