I’m still buzzing from Sunday’s show at Mac Tav: School of Rock Macarthur showcased their students in a set dedicated to rock royalty Dave Grohl. Now, I am the least maternal person on this planet but this made me feel proud – I guess like a parent of 50 odd children clad in plaid and Chuck Taylors. But it also brought forth this amazing sense of community: both in terms of Macarthur and in terms of music. Ken – The General Manager- was a passionate dude; coaching the kids from behind the scenes, he seemed highly-invested in his role as rock and roll maestro. Biological parents and grandparents watched on proudly as the stage was shared momentarily by all students. It was cool, a girl drummer played so hard that she lost a drum stick and just played with the one. This gave me hope that there will be a renaissance of rock, not indie rock or any other variation that is watered down – but ROCK AND ROLL! It also made me angry that I am reviewing a concept as such and it wasn’t around when I was a kid and may have missed my calling. Yours Truly, #Ishouldhavebeenarockstarnotajourno

P.s Stay tuned to HMC Music FB page for this weeks gig guide


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