Music in the Mac: Plan B’s and Community Spirit, Apr 2015

What a tumultuous week in music; Thursday night was a hard act to follow with the Hey Horze EP launch ( refer to previous blog post) but just like the shitty weather so too was a Friday night full of disappointment after Picton’s Gig in the Gardens was cancelled due to ‘ducks’ being the only ones keen to brave the weather. So, I was off to Barenz to see (apparently) James Englund…or not.  An artist no-show resulted in one of the best displays of community spirit possible: a customer eating his dinner overheard the said ‘no show’, so off he goes to coyly gets his guitar out of the car. I was clearly the only one who imagined some of my favourite rock gods rolling over in their six-foot-under resting grounds as patrons bopped along to The Eagle Rock. Now I’m pretty sure ‘old mate’ had been waiting for that moment his whole life, conveniently packing his guitar into his jalopy should the opportunity for a impromptu gig arise, he was like the Superman of the entertainment world.

I am told by a valid source (a Mac Tav staff member) that Jon Stevens‘ solo gig on Saturday night was a hormonal panty throwing affair, in which I’d expect nothing less but that his chilled acoustic set allowed those distinctive pipes to reign supreme.

Stay tuned to todays Facebook post for gigs over the weekend.

RocknRoll, HMC xx

rain meme


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