Hey Horze EP Launch, Brighton Up Bar: 16 Apr

Six-piece genre defying rockers Hey Horze lit up Brighton Up Bar last night with the launch of their new EP, Feardom. The cozy death trap venue resembling a Bollywood half-way house: adorned in cheap lighting and retro sparkly fittings.

Lead singer Lauren Azar appeared nervous before the set and then like the 90’s rock chick that she is, turned it on and gave a stellar theatrical performance. The Doors had a pervasive influence throughout our first taste of Feardom.

Standout songs were Pretty Baby with a roaming stage delivery, yearning for lost love, an unapologetic exposure of insecurities and relishing relationship drama; The Man in which guitarist Brendan (Berbs) took creative control for the intro, whisking us through this retrograde psychedelic journey, The Man has clean but radical ebbs and flows and of course the lead single The State of Us – in which big bass lines display Azar’s fluidness at moving those pipes to work within any musical undercurrent. She wasn’t shy of sassy-ness, interjecting her own intro to tell the crowd at the back to “Shut the Fuck Up”. Feardom? I think maybe FEMDOM!

Hey Horze kicked ass in what was a refreshing set and premiere of an EP sporting old school grunge, theatrics and an all-round well-oiled machine.

All photo credit: Jess Drew, music photographer @jessliveshere

All photo credit: Jess Drew, music photographer @jessliveshere

HH 4 rocking out headbanging HH 3 Lauren Colour HH2 Lauren HH #1


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