I’ll never have to miss another gig!

myfrontman HD 2 writing

As a music lover, the hardest part for me can be getting in some down-time. Every night of the week another gig and another logistical weave spanning Sydney, Illawarra and sometimes even Canberra – if I’ve missed out on hometown tix. Not only that, but I also find myself torn between two or more artists playing on the same night: last week for example The Wombats clashed with Marilyn Manson ( a no-brainer for the biggest Manson fan ).

Well alas my fellow gig junkies, there is technology to remedy this!

myFRONTMAN is a newly-developed free app that allows us to live-stream gigs straight to our smart phones for a minimal fee. What I am most excited about is that I can get at least one night in my PJ’s and still feel like I am at the gig because I am watching it in real-time. That and I can walk out of a gig go to a pub and watch the remainder of ‘said’ clashing gig. This adds a completely new dimension to an issue that gets the better of my schedule at least a few times a week.

You can download myFRONTMAN on your smartphone by the end of this week. Check out their website for the full bio http://www.myfrontman.com


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