Milky Chance: Metro Theatre, 7 Jan 2014

milky chance

German folk-come-reggae duo Milky Chance brought their unique and refreshing melodies to the Metro last night. Opening with Stunner the minimalist yet evocative stage transported one into a scene from Where The Wild Things Are. Frontman Clemens Rehbein incessantly ruffled his hair amidst a well-orchestrated combination of raspy pipes and percussion.

A sea of smart phones flickered through the air as Flashed Junk Mind begun, jolting everyone back into reality from the mystic Rastafarian vibe the sounds and set had created. Rehbein’s voice has a way of weaving in and out of consciousness, which clearly didn’t affect most who were watching through the lens of a fucking IPhone.

The set reached its climax in track Loveland where the pair were joined by a harmonica god. The non-introduced guest had the crowd in awe, as the instrument appeared to be an extension of his body; Loveland displayed the skills of a well-oiled machine as the jamboree of the now three-piece momentarily forced the crowd to actually watch through their eyes.

Rehbein’s voice wailed in Memory with dramatic solos and build-ups, it’s a curious live track as you try to figure out where these indigenous sounds are coming from. The Rastafarian feel was a fitting lead into Running as the crowd stamped and the bongos filled in the gaps, resembling a stampede amidst the barren looking stage it was close as to nature you could get by being at a gig.

It is clear how ‘over’ Stolen Dance Rehbeins was doing an obligatory down-tempo rendition that he mumbled and rushed through, no one really seemed to mind though as the musical display in the previous hour had given Milky Chance enough street cred.

As an encore that took all of two minutes to convince Down By The River made the Metro feel like one big hammock, with the lanterns on the stage providing beacons of hope for music in 2015.


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